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Hit 'Like' to follow our journey on Facebook:. Our love for creating handmade and unique gifts gave birth to our venture GiftStation.

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When you have to gift something, the other person would always love a well thought of gift… something that relates to them or something that they can associate with. Hence GiftStation! We strive to make gifts that would bring back some awesome memories that you would have shared or helps you associate with your work, passion or your general habits. We have a small shop-cum-office in Mumbai, our team of four people works together to come up with some cool ideas and unique gifts. Additional Information Shipping Cost in Rs.

Please, log in or register. Engrave works with Indian artisans and craftspersons to contemporize and showcase their beautiful work to the world. When you buy from Engrave, you can be assured that you're buying the item directly from its creator.

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For instance, allow us to throw some light on seven ways to brighten your home with lamps created by our makers using imagination, ingenuity, and natural materials. Read more. Engrave - The Maker's Market. Start Selling Log In. View shopping bag. Ask a Question. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews.

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View shopping bag. Ask a Question. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. No questions asked yet. Out of stock. Decoupage Bottles Set Of 2 Rs. Buy Now. Lovey-Dovey - Card Rs. Personalised Bottle Lamp Rs. Chartered Accountant - Coffee Mug Rs. Cutting Chai - Coffee Mug Rs. Taxation - Coffee Mug Rs. Bell Curve - Coffee Mug Rs. Late Night Chai Mug Rs. Travel Ka Kida Notebook Rs. Wanderer's Notebook Rs. Lovey-Dovey Notebook Rs.

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Mood Calendar Rs. Welcome to Engrave. About Engrave. Eskimo cocktail: That's a blowjob with an ice cube in your mouth. You move it around, sometimes it's touching him, sometimes it isn't. Steak and a BJ - at the same time. You cook it, and pleasure him while he eats it.

I've always had this fantasy of my SO f blowing me again and again throughout the course of one day. I wouldn't cum every time, but her repeated insistence that she suck me off, over and over, in different places and situations, is really enticing. We'd spend the day together doing whatever, but every hour or two, she would just initiate once again by undoing my pants and going to town, even for just a few moments each time.

I have never cashed in a relationship coupon. It's a lot more fun when things just happen on their own.

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I see your point, but it's not like we haven't had a lot fun doing things spontaneously or that we won't continue to. And this isn't all I'm getting him. It's good to hear your side though. I'll keep it in mind.